Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny thing

I'd like to apologize for the general messiness of my blog right now; there are things I'd like to add, things I'd like to change, things I'd like to fix...
I wrote awhile back about the boutique Workshop carrying a couple of my felted things--a wrap/scarf and a felted PDA case. Well, yesterday one of the owners, Christina, called me because they are switching their inventory to spring stuff and too bad my things didn't sell but could I please come pick them up at the shop? That got me sort of dejected, but I picked them up.
This morning, I was at home, and got a phone call from one of the girls who works at the store saying do I still have the scarf because I have a customer who really wants it! I fairly ran to the shop and that was my first sale at Workshop! The salesclerk commented on how it was funny that the day after I bring my scarf home someone asks for it. I just think that's how things go. I was really happy my scarf sold, though--it made me smile.

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