Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm having a bad research day. I'm just not finding anything. I went to the periodical section in the library, and the call numbers immediately preceding and following what I need are there, but not the book containing my articles. Extremely frustrating.
Workshop called me to pick up my unsold items I had at their shop. It's too bad they didn't sell, but I'm glad to have them back. I think I'll keep them for myself. I already picked them up: a fulled PDA case and a felted black and pink wrap. Wool is so comforting.
I think I'll call it a day on the research and start fresh tomorrow, maybe use a different database. For Womb, I decided on "choice" printed on a piece of natural muslin and tied to Womb with a tampon string! I also unearthed some cardboard I rescued from the neighbours' trash to re-use as my poster board. I'm thinking of affixing Womb to the cardboard with some wire. We'll see.
I love the student lounge. Ooh, mood lighting. It's so relaxing.
Wednesday has started to go outside now, and she loves it. Spring, hurry up and come! I'm impatient.

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