Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tips for Women Travelling Alone

These tips are taken from a book entitled A Journey of One's Own: Uncommon Advice for the Independent Woman Traveler, by Thalia Zepatos, a book I picked up for two dollars at St. Vincent de Paul.  Chapter seven deals with keeping safe while travelling alone, including how to handle sexual harassment when you're alone, away from home.  The author writes: "One of the cultural barriers operating here is that many men translate the word no to mean "maybe," "perhaps later," or "you haven't asked the right question."  If you want to say no with conviction, then make a special point of it.  Smiling and shaking your head from side to side just won't do the trick.  (Besides, a side-to-side head shake in Greece or India means yes.)  Here are some ways to assert your position:

  • Change the dynamics of the situation--stop walking if he has been accompanying you, or start walking if you've been conversing at one spot.  Cross the street, step off the curb, or on to a bus--anything to denote that you are going your own way alone.
  • Raise your voice so that others can overhear.  Repeat no, no, no, several times; it is understood in many languages.  Be sure to learn the translation for no in the local language, too.  Don't be afraid to yell loudly."
The first picture is of the inn I stay at when I go to Wakefield.  Through the glass windows is the dining room.
This one is the red covered bridge in Wakefield:
Sorry, these pics aren't very spring-like, I just wanted to show you some pics related to my travels.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Relaxing in the hot tub, soaking in the negative ions from the waterfall in front of me, I shed the city dirt and stress. Soaking in the last of the summer`s sunrays, to store for the winter ahead, the sound of running, tinkling, splashing, rushing water in my ears, the light, cool breeze was just right. I set my alarm clock for 6:00 a.m. this Sunday morning, dragged myself out of bed, fed Violet, downed some Starbucks coffee with sour milk, and took the bus to the Voyageur station. My bus left Ottawa at 8:30 a.m. I stumbled off the bus just over an hour later, blinking wearily and dazedly in the bright sunlight, arrived in Wakefield for the fifth time in the past three years. Coincidentally, the last day of Wakefest happens to be today. I went to one of the bakeries here, to buy yet another coffee and a cinnamon bun. Two couples on Harleys parked their motorcycles in the bakery parking lot. -I think this lady was here first, one of the bikers told the server when she tried to serve them before me. I gratefully placed my order--I was lightheaded from barely having eaten all day. Walking back to the inn where I usually stay overnight when I travel to Wakefield, I noticed that the Goldenrods and Asters are in bloom--a sure sign of autumn. The Jewelweed is still in bloom too, as are the Buttercups and Yarrow. The Yarrow in my garden has finished blooming.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Summer Vacation

Aah, finally, I get to enjoy my summer! My spring classes are over and I passed all of them with nothing below a B+. I've been spending the time swimming outside, knitting, relaxing, and going for walks in the beautiful sunshine. Oh, and I also went to see Ani Difranco sing at Bluesfest, which was an early birthday treat from my parents, who will be soon leaving to vacation on an island off Spain until the beginning of August. I am so happy that I get to have some time off before September classes begin. I can't remember the last time I had any time to myself, really, which is kind of sad. I was really stressed this spring with school and all of my deadlines to meet.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Finally, the beginnings of my Community Afghan may be put to good use. Rachael commented two posts ago about Zoom, a knitter fighting breast cancer--click on her link and send her a message of support, why don't you? Rachael wants help knitting Zoom a blanket.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Knit a Bit

Hello again. I'm basically just coming up for a breather as the rush towards finals is approaching. Not sure if I let all of you know, but I'm at University full-time this summer--taking four classes and will finish a major paper I didn't get around to last winter--I've been told that's like taking eight classes. Indeed! But I have been knitting--sporadically. I've mastered the trick of reading and knitting at the same time--but it must be stocking stitch on a circular needle, and I need a book prop. My mom's birthday fell on Mother's day this year, and I made her a necklace of pink felted and wooden beads. I received my bijou pattern, yay!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Something to blog (talk) about

I had an incredible time at Wabi-Sabi on Saturday. I showed up early because I didn't know how long it would take me to get there by bus. Maureen, Miss Twiss, Linda, Daisy and her daughter, some knitters from Sweet Paprika, and of course Kate Gilbert were there. I asked Kate for her autograph in my Folk Style book, in which she has a pattern for a paisley shawl; I also got her to sign my Mom's birthday/Mother's day card--they both fall on the same day this year. Kate asked me if I wanted to model, so I did! The first sweater I modelled was Ysolda Teague's through the keyhole. I also modelled lily and Bijou by Marnie McLean. I bought the pattern for Bijou. I also showed blossom, netherfield, and necco wafer. Kate Gilbert gave all the models twist collective measuring tapes. Maureen and Miss Twiss also modelled. I started knitting Ysolda's Grown-Up Booties in Sierra, which may have been renamed Cadena, Natural colour. It's the first day of the spring/summer session now, I'm back at University full-time.

Friday, May 01, 2009

I'm knitting again

I went to Wabi-Sabi yesterday morning to buy a bamboo circular needle to knit the smaller version of Ishbel from some Knitpicks laceweight I dyed a solid pink at the Cozy Corner during a dyeing workshop taught by Elizabeth. I have started knitting the scarf/shawl. And I am returning to Wabi-Sabi tomorrow evening for their Twist Collective fashion show. Kate Gilbert will be speaking as well.