Monday, May 04, 2009

Something to blog (talk) about

I had an incredible time at Wabi-Sabi on Saturday. I showed up early because I didn't know how long it would take me to get there by bus. Maureen, Miss Twiss, Linda, Daisy and her daughter, some knitters from Sweet Paprika, and of course Kate Gilbert were there. I asked Kate for her autograph in my Folk Style book, in which she has a pattern for a paisley shawl; I also got her to sign my Mom's birthday/Mother's day card--they both fall on the same day this year. Kate asked me if I wanted to model, so I did! The first sweater I modelled was Ysolda Teague's through the keyhole. I also modelled lily and Bijou by Marnie McLean. I bought the pattern for Bijou. I also showed blossom, netherfield, and necco wafer. Kate Gilbert gave all the models twist collective measuring tapes. Maureen and Miss Twiss also modelled. I started knitting Ysolda's Grown-Up Booties in Sierra, which may have been renamed Cadena, Natural colour. It's the first day of the spring/summer session now, I'm back at University full-time.


Anonymous said...

Katrine, you looked soooooo good in Bijou... it's the perfect sweater for you! :)


Rachael said...

Hi there!

Wondering if you know Zoom (, a knitter in your area fighting cancer. We're trying to put together a knitter's blanket for her. Will you email me back if you're interested in helping?
Please forgive me if I've already contacted you -- I may be duplicating my efforts by now....

Thanks so much,