Saturday, March 29, 2008

Prince Charming

I transplanted my squash, cabbage, and Calendula sprouts. The squash has grown a lot; so have the tomatoes. And my Womb Poster Project has been submitted! I fastened the knitted womb to the cardboard base using wire and hockey tape. The project was kind of pulled together at the last minute, but I hope I did ok. I can go and pick up my uterus ;) on the 21st. I finished my accursed boyfriend hat at Knit Nite. Now to find a head, preferably attached to a single, male body, for the hat. The story is that I started the hat for Peter, who then went back home to Granada. Then I continued knitting when I started dating Mark, but we broke up a week later. Maybe I should just carry the hat around in my purse and proffer it to random guys on the street. Betseydoodle suggested I write a want ad: knit toque looking for single male; preferably between the ages of 25 to 30; must like chicks who knit and wear glasses. I dunno. Spring is definitely here; maybe too hot for toques now anyways?


betseydoodle said...

No harm in trying! You never know - you could find someone who really likes knit toques, and chicks who knit and wear glasses.

Happy Spring!
~~~ betseydoodle

Michèle said...

I guess...
Happy Spring!