Saturday, December 01, 2007

Of Swatches and Things

I did some swatching and more baking this weekend. I baked Ysolda's oaty cookies again, to bring to the work meeting I had yesterday; and I swatched for my Belle Beret, a cabled hat from Rebecca from yarn leftover from my ex's Skully, and socks--I frogged my Jaywalker sock, and cast on for a plain sock à la Yarn Harlot in my Gaspésie sock yarn. I even washed and dried all the swatches, four in all.
I also went to Michael's yesterday to get a few supplies for making Christmas gifts. I like painting wood now, and I was pleased with the shadow boxes I mounted recently; I got some larger, vintage shadow boxes, as well as some letters--the first letter of two of my cousins' names, to paint and decorate for their bedroom doors. I'm looking forward to decorating the new shadow boxes.

There was a meme floating around the blogospere a while back asking knitters where they knit. Well, this is my knitting nook. The quilts were made by my aunt Nanci, the pillow on the left and the stash bag by my Mom.

In my 5:30 class, I had a group presentation. I'm not the one who had to give the presentation, but I had to stand before the class to answer questions after one of my group members presented. But hey, guess what? There were no questions for us (breathes sigh of relief)! And guess what else? I got to knit on my sock for the whole rest of the class because we presented first.

They forgot to plow our street. Wading through the snowbanks is very tiring. I was running down the hill today in 2 feet of snow.

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