Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On the mend

Am I the only one already looking forward to Christmas? I've made an advent wreath for my front door, Wednesday's stocking is hanging off the radiator in my living room, I've made a grocery list for the ingredients for Christmas pudding...maybe I should slow down because remembrance Day is just around the corner. My paternal great-grandfather--now dead--fouught in World War One. He was underage when he joined the army--he lied about his age. He did not die in the war, but of colon cancer at a very late age. He only started talking about his wartime experiences in his old age. I believe that holding all his memories inside for so long was what made him sick. Daniela, my grandfather's second wife, gave me a book that features my Poppa's contribution to the war. My Grampa was in the navy. I have heard him talk about it a little. My Dad lived in the Bermudas and on the Queen Charlotte Islands, with my --also dead--aunt Nanci and my Granny and Grampa. There were Naval training bases on these islands. A few years ago, Dad and Mom returned to the Bermudas for a vacation; Dad recognized some places he had not seen since he was a child. I have a photo of Dad and Grampa when my Dad was younger, wading in the water and collecting rocks or shells or sifting the sand. Ggrampa once told me that Dad wanted to be a geologist since he was a boy. Dad now does computer mapping.

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