Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Heavily medicated--or, yay, I'm sick!

Yay, because I don't have to do homework Ha!Ha!Ha! I have taken 1000mg Vitamin C, and homeopathic cough syrup and nasal spray and am just about ready for a nap to sleep this cold off. Added to that I am allergic to my cat's litter. Just got my invite to Ravelry (I'm Knittyknatty there too). My cat just earned the privileges of going outside on her own, she's growing up...It was her 1 year birthday on November 1st. The apt. is chaotic, I took out the X-mas stuff already from storage, and look, I foorgot about this, and I need this...you know how it goes. Displacing furniture too, groan. I fulled my red PDA case and am going to embroider either a crow or a woodpecker on it. Maybe a crow, that's simpler.

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