Friday, November 23, 2007

Kitty's not so sure about the snow...

Photos courtesy of the Cake Craft Shop and Nadia.
Wednesday wants to go outside, but she's still trying to figure out what all this cold white stuff is... She isn't too sure if it's worth getting her paws wet!
Last night I finished my lace-up opera gloves (only three ends to weave end, thank goodness!). I may want to wear them at Christmas or New Year's. The (borrowed) picture of the satin ribbon above is similar to what I used for the gloves, but I chose more of a mauve-ey or eggplant shade of purple. I sneaked into Yarn Forward this week to buy two soft skeins of Lang Merino, to knit up a beret. I like the colours pink and green together, so cheery during winter (my dress-up winter coat is sort of lime green), so I chose the yarn in pink. I can wear the (future) beret with my black coat for everyday and for when I'm not feeling so brave, as I find that Ottawa is such a conservative town and the University of Ottawa too and when I dress up in a fancy, quirky, or colourful way I stand out and tend to get a lot of looks.
My second class was cancelled today, always good news, so I am burrowing away here at home. I feel compelled to tidy up a bit before getting involved with some knitting or other craft, my place is a bit trashed.
I would like to dye some yarn soon. I have four skeins of Knitpicks Sierra sitting in a basket that I bought to that end, and that I'm fairly itching to knit up. I missed out on the recent order made by the Ottawa Knit Nites group, and I don't know of any shop in Ottawa that sells good dye, so I'll have to wait for the next group order, or propose one myself.
For tonight I had planned to make some lino block holiday cards. I haven't settled on a design yet, I'll have to do some sketches.
I hope you have a good weekend, wherever you are!
(I just found the template for a picture I want to use for my cards, to which I'll add a border and some background details, and if I really like them, I'm going to sell some of them).

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