Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tout est blanc, si blanc

I woke up today surrounded by a world in white. It's still snowing, but not enough for the snowplows to be out, I guess. Photo is of yesterday's snowfall (there's more today) and is courtesy of CBC (I'm trying to make this blog more interesting by stealing photos; I know it isn't good "netiquette" and is frowned upon but it's only for a short while longer).
I went to Knit Nite yesterday evening. It's a whole new group of knitters now, and they seem very nice. I couldn't go to the central Knit Nite all last winter because I had a night class on Wednesdays, and I had kind of neglected my knitting since then. It was raining and dark when I left and I hailed a cab to get home. This afternoon I am working--the first day I'll be with the kids when there's snow on the ground, they'll probably be really excited.
Must go, I have to put the finishing touches on my paper and print it, and try to squeeze some reading in if I can (the role of families and peers in child development).

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Nancy said...

Good seeing you too!

~ Nancy