Friday, November 23, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

I just got back from Spins 'n Needles where I made a very girly sock puppet. I made clothes to dress her in: a black and white polka-dotted, pleated skirt and a kerchief flowery top with buttons on it. She has little googly eyes with pink pupils, long silver eyelashes, curly pink hair with sequins in it, and beaded earrings. And a ladybug on her nose! I plan on bringing her to work to entertain the kids. I haven't decided yet what to name her--it'll have to be a french name though, because I work with francophone kids. Maybe Pénélope. Or Arabelle. Or Anabelle. Mirabelle? Martine? Marie-Soleil? Geneviève? Eloise? Philomène? Preferences? Let me know in a comment. And goodnight, sleep tight (it's late here). (Need cheering up? Search "sock puppets" on Google Images)

1 comment:

wells201 said...

How about "Chaussette"?