Thursday, April 26, 2007

Knitting News

So, this is exam time for me, and very predictably, I went into a knitting frenzy when I should have been studying. Cast on for a new project, a felted PDA case from Alterknits (although I don't have a PDA but I can use it for my Id, keys, money...). It's light gray, from the stash. Yarn my Grandmother gave me. I went to Bouclair to buy the buttons for it, by the way, don't go to Bouclair, it's totally changed and the fabric selection has severely dwindled and taken a backseat to patio furniture, ready-made cushions and drapes, and candles and wind-chimes. I found my buttons way at the back with a few other notions that had been spared in the overhaul. The buttons are blue flowers. I managed to find some unbleached cotton for the catnip mouse I'm knitting for Wednesday, my cat. I cut it, sewed it into a cone, and it is waiting to be filled with catnip. While in the St-Laurent area, I spotted a party store, where I got some rolls of crepe streamers in Cranberry to knit (yes, knit!) into a crown, pattern also from Alterknits. I didn't have the pattern on me, so I got a lot of crepe, worried I wouldn't buy enough; now I have enough for two crowns. My mother gave me the squares she knit for the Community Afghan (Handknit Holidays); I'm still working on my share of the squares. This was my Knitting Olympics project that didn't get finished on time. Felted Meema's Marsupial Tote again, it just isn't shrinking as much as I would like it to. I'll probably run it through the wash one more time before admitting defeat. I just finished writing an exam, so now I'm going to go relax or do something fun.

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