Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The "I thought this was a knitting blog" post

I went to Chapters today and bought the Yarn Harlot's new book, and a stitch dictionary called Knitting Stitches. Oh and I almost forgot, I went to Yarn Forward this morning and got a couple notions, a crochet hook and some yarn for a secret project. That's all I can say about it. Yesterday I pulled out all my WIPs and sorted them out. Frogged about half of a cardigan (the yarn and pattern are from my vacation in Gasp├ęsie). Trying to salvage Razor's Edge, from S 'n B Nation; there is a mistake at the beginning of the pattern, so I want to frog the beginning, lower edge, and work the pattern backwards or something--it is not all figured out in my mind yet how I am going to do this, but I am trying anyways. FO!!! Does anyone remember that shoulder warmer, white, fluffy with sparkles, from Rebecca I was working on a while back? Well it is finished. The only problems are I would have liked it smaller (the pattern only made one size) and the seaming shows. Speaking of seaming, I have seamed and unseamed Debbie Bliss' Blissful jacket far too many times now. I just can't settle on a seam I like. Trouble is, the jacket is in reverse stocking stitch and there are not too many options. Drop-Stitch cardigan: one half of the zipper is in! But I did not, for some reason, pick up the same number of selvage stitches on the other side, so that has to be redone. Felted mini Meema's Marsupial tote (S'n B): Well, it did go through one wash, but it is not felted enough. I've made several of these, using different kinds of wool, this one is made of a bargain bin "your Grandmother would knit this" green, and some Lopi. The bargain stuff was too thick for the smaller circs, and I had it doubled like the pattern calls for, but 1 strand would have been enough. Hence the slow felting. Another disadvantage is I have to felt it at the laundromat, so this is getting expensive. I want to have it all finished by Saturday, in time to give it (dry) to my friend Melissa, who is leaving her position as Women's Resource Centre supervisor at U of O. I'm going to a going-away lunch with her and a bunch of other women at The Works. I bumped into an old English prof today at Timothy's. When I made the Big Bad Baby Blanket (from S 'n B) out of a handspun winey-purple wool, that was given to me by a woman at the Parent-Child Drop-In at Centretown Community Health Centre, when I volunteered there (she had gotten it at Value Village--it's beautiful wool), I gave the finished blanket to my English prof, who was expecting. Well today he told me they are expecting a third baby, end of August! So I want to knit them something again. I'm trying to design something for him. In other news, I had my last review class today, my Wednesday class is cancelled, so classes are finished until mid-June (I'll be taking one psychology class this summer). I may be taking two painting classes in May. So, that's it for the knitting update. Now I am going home, making a cup of tea, and curling up with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off.


Leanne said...

Wow! 3 posts in 4 days - that has to be some kind of record :-)

Nice to see you posting again! And good luck on all those projects you have on the go.

Knittyknatty said...

Thank you! All my WIPs were spread out on my living room floor and Wednesday (that's my kitten's name) was having a ball. I had to put them safely away in my project hamper.