Saturday, April 28, 2007

I just had a great meal at The Works--it's amazing what a good meal will do for you. I went to Spins 'n Needles last night with my friend Erin. I finished casting on (cable cast-on, which I newly learned) for my "secret" project, which is from the spring Interweave, it is the Tea Rose halter top. I also finished a square for the Community Afghan; I actually followed the pattern for this one. I finished another square today, on the bus, waiting 40 minutes for a table at the restaurant, waiting for my burger...
Here are the overdue pictures Leanne sent me. This one to the left is of my knitting group at Bridgehead. I'm fourth from the left. The one on the right is myself and Sarah, of The Fish Knits.
The top photo is a variation, pre-felting, on Meema's Marsupial Felted Tote.
There was a girl who was also knitting at the Works, but I was too shy to go up and talk to her. I think she's been to our knitting group before.

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Leanne said...

Woohoo! Nice to see pictures. Glad you got them to work.