Sunday, February 01, 2009

Brief Synopsis

Here's what I've been up to: 1. working hard at my job; 2. working hard on my degree; 3. taking some much-needed rest; and, lastly: 4. I got a new kitten, which I named Violet--she's a female, and just over six months old. She's a calico too. I've been training her, a bit of an uphill battle :-) I am working on a Stash Bag. I felted the sack-part of the bag and got plastic tubing and sateen ribbon for the handles--note to self: need buttons to attach handles. Modification: I made the bag smaller than the pattern indicated--I did not have the right size of circ.

Re: hiatus: I took a semi-break from Uni in the fall as have been slogging away in this place for going on five years now. Thus had little and scarce internet access thus little blogging. But I've regained my focus and am feeling better about the whole thing.

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Wells said...

Good to see you posting again!