Monday, March 24, 2008


I finished Womb yesterday at my parents' house, but I haven't sewn on the beads yet. Now for the research segment of my project: I have to do some reading on reproductive politics. I also have to figure out some way of mounting the womb, although I'd like my project to be interactive, perhaps I'll put a sign that says "cuddle me!" on the womb. My idea is to change students' conceptions about wombs--that they aren't something mysterious, strange, hidden away, or scary, but rather an organ they can be friends with. I want to convey a tactile experience through the knitted object. I'm also considering a sign that reads "squeeze me!"; my professor suggested I attach a sign that says "Choice" on the womb--I may do that instead.
I'm sitting across from The White Shop, in the Byward Market. It's a store that sells mainly household wares that are white. There's a funky, large mobile in the window. The sky is clear blue today.
I transplanted some tomato and spinach seedlings this morning. For Easter, my Mom got me some "Sweetie" cherry tomato and beets seeds, as well as some soap, some dark chocolate, two hot cross buns from the Wild Oat; she also knitted me a green facecloth in the shape of a flower. I planted some of the "Sweetie" tomatoes this morning; I'll wait to plant the beets straight into the garden, I think.


Linda B. said...

"conception about wombs" ;-)

Somewhere on the 'net, I found a pattern for the GI tract - right from the tongue to the, um, end.
It was done in various colours, one of which was angry pink!

Katrina W. said...

Wow, the possibilities are endless! Maybe if I was taking Anatomy...