Sunday, March 09, 2008

I hope things are fixed soon

Apparently, you can see my posts, but problem is, I can't see my new posts. I'm not the only one on blogger having this problem, unfortunately there is not much I can do right now about it. I know you can see my new post because Linda left a comment yesterday I think about my knitted womb. I really like what she said, that's a poetic and lovely saying, and no, I had never seen it before. My Dad is an atheist so we never went to church as a family, although my maternal Grand-maman brought me to St-Thomas d'Aquin when I was young; that`s the church where my Aunt Sue and Uncle Andy were married. I think my parents were married there too, about one year after I was born, which was an issue back then, in the seventies. Still is today, I think--having babies out of wedlock is still frowned upon, I believe. At least by mainstream society. Young parents, especially single mothers, but also single dads, have to put up with a lot just walking down the street or even using public transportation.
You may have noticed that I joined the Child-Free by Choice and Say No to Babies groups on Ravelry--or not. I actually work with children, I do not hate them, but myself I put up with a lot of inconsiderate comments about my choice to delay childbearing. I`ve had friends who had kids very young, because they were uneducated about birth control and their right, as women, to decide when and under which circumstances they would start a family. Many of them ended up breaking up with the fathers of their first children and going on to new relationships and having more kids! I think this is confusing for the children involved. My ex, Jeremiah, had a child with a woman, married her, and they subsequently separated. I guess what I`m trying to say is that I`ve seen too many children bandied about, with weird living arrangements, so much so that the kids themselves never seem to have the time or space to just relax and be kids. They are always rushed from place to place, without a definite and familiar schedule, and kids need routine.
I made the conscious choice to educate myself about birth control. I myself was born to parents too young to know how to take care of me properly. I read the statistics: girls born to young mothers often give birth as young mothers themselves. I decided that wouldn`t happen in my case (and no, I`m not pregnant now).
My friend Jessie is part Dene (a First Nations community up north), part Polish. She was adopted when she was just a baby by white parents who raised her in Ottawa. She has been through a lot, and I knew her when she found her birth parents and was reunited with them for the first time. The beading above is traditional Dene beadwork. Last time I talked to her over the phone, long-distance from Nanaimo, she told me she was pregnant. I`d like to knit something for her baby. I bought this book and would like to make this for her.
I hope you are having a snuggly, knitty, snowy, wintery day and that you have a fireplace--mmm, that would be nice...When I stepped outside, I fell into snow almost up to my waist! I listened to the Vinyl Café last weekend, live from Whistler, and Stuart McLean was commenting on how happy residents of Whistler are to get lots of snow. For now, I`m dreaming of spring...

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