Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tea for One

I did some Christmas shopping yesterday--no, I'm afraid I'm not making all the gifts I'm giving this year. The Wild Oat is in the Glebe and there are a couple new shops that have opened there. Very fancy shops--I walked into one that only sells chocolate: Ice Wine and Espresso truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate "bricks", Dutch cocoa powder, chocolate chips...a real chocoholic's dream come true! I've been fighting a cold for the past few days, but today I think I'll try and get some bed rest. I started taking Vitamin C again yesterday, making some Kukicha tea now. I'm going to add some Tamari to the tea. And that's my home remedy for you:Kukicha Twig Tea (also called Bancha Twig or just Twig): Roast the whole package of twigs--to revive flavour--by stirring in a skillet over med. heat for a few min. Boil water and add about 1 t./cup. Simmer 10 min. Mix 1/2-1 t.tamari soy sauce with hot twig tea. Drink once or twice/day for up to 3 days. For oncoming cold symptoms. Alkalinizes the blood, relieves fatigue.

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