Tuesday, November 20, 2007

La la la

I've been in an incredibly good mood since the weekend. I credit it to picking up my knitting again and getting crafty on Friday night. Inspired by these I bought three shadow boxes from the dollar store as well as some fancy but cheap vellum and shiny paper, painted them in similar colours to Ysolda's, and used the paper as background for 1. an old picture of the White cliffs of Dover, from a trip to Europe my parents and I took when I was 4; 2. a more recent picture of my cousin in her wedding dress; and 3. a black and white photograph (a print) on a Christmas card of three children in olden times carrying a Christmas tree home (you may already know that I am a Christmas person and love the season--I know it's early). Just to let you know, I would love to show you pictures of them, but I don't have a camera yet (as you probably know), but I finally broke down and asked for one for Christmas. I don't like asking my parents for things, because I feel like they have given me so much already. Totally inspired by Ysolda's blog and designs, which I discovered via her Urchin beret pattern , I am knitting her (well, they will be my) lace-up opera gloves. I am using Briggs and Little Heather, in Grape, which is a darkly flecked purple, from the stash. I bought some satin ribbon in a mauvish-purple colour from here. Finished the right glove, rewrote the pattern in reverse for the left one, and am just about at the gusset on the left glove. BTW, I finished the felted or fulled red PDA case/mini-satchel made from Pattons classic merino. I decided not to embroider a bird on it, as I had been thinking of doing, but instead put two small pins on the bottom corner (Good Kitty/Bad Kitty pins, from here) and sewed a red button from the Glebe Community Centre fabric flea market over the snap closure. I am giving it as part of my work's Christmas gift exchange. I also baked this weekend; I made Rosemary and onion Focaccia and rough oaty biscuits (cooky recipe here). I had an 8:30 am class this morning and went to the Wild Oat for breakfast afterwards. Poked my head in here to say hello to my Mom, as you may know she works there. I swear, the Wild Oat makes the best coffee in Ottawa. I saw my friends Angela and Amanda at the Wild Oat. So this is a longish post to make up for my usually infrequent posting. I must get to work on my paper now that is due on Friday. It's about the effects of sibling relationships on child development.

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