Thursday, June 07, 2007


My first trip to Wool-Tyme went quite well. I went in with only 10$ in my pocket, walked out with 5. Somehow I have been managing all this time without a set of 4mm straights, but no more! Although this yarn store is not local for me--it was a long, slow bus ride--I think I'm going to switch my patronage from Yarn Forward to Wool-Tyme. I found it well-stocked, the staff were kind, not overbearing or pushy, and they carry Noro. How can you go wrong? I also spotted a few tweeds, which I like for the fall. My little trip was so successful I even used the same bus transfer to get back and saved on bus fare.

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Luppernoodle said...

I personally LOVE Wool-Tyme. I buy all my yarn there now - well, most of it - there and Lewiscraft at Carlingwood - Patons Shetland Chunky and Decor for $2.99 a ball - YES, $2.99. I also teach knitting on Saturday's there.