Saturday, May 12, 2007

Drop the Stitch

I *thought* I was almost finished my Drop-Stitch Cardigan. I was going to sew in the second sleeve, then stitch it together, then sew in the zipper, block it, and voilĂ ! C'est fini! I thought that maybe I'd be warm last winter from the travail ardu of my own blistered fingers--but alas! 'Twas not to be! This cardigan is made of wool my doctor gave me for Christmas one year. When the Yarn Harlot was at Yarn Forward for a book signing, she gave her blessing on it, and said "you'll wear it to death".
I was optimistic until I measured the left and right fronts against each other and found they were not symmetrical. Which explained why, when after I knit the attached I-cord onto each selvedge edge and tried sewing in the zipper, the right front was all bunchy when I zipped it up and would not lie flat. You can see in the photo above that the left front--the one on the right--is longer where the zipper is than the right front. Groan. At first I thought I hadn't picked up an equal number of selvedge stitches on both fronts. I unsewed the zipper, counted my stitches, and picked up the stitches again. But no, that's not where the problem was. The left and right fronts do not match. My Mom says I'll have to reknit one of the fronts, but that discourages me, as I would have to remove the collar and undo my seaming, which I am proud of, to say nothing of re-knitting the collar and dropping the stitches again, which was no easy task, because the yarn is very sticky. Any other ideas? You can see pictures of my incomplete cardigan on Ravelry, in my projects. Just click on the picture of the gray sweater and you'll see more pictures. I tried to line up the hemline of the two fronts so you can see where the mistake(s) is(are). If you can make a comment such as: you knit too long after the armhole decreases on the right front, or better yet, an alternate suggestion for what I can do to save my sweater without frogging a substantial amount, that would be helpful. I want to wear this cardigan this winter.
BTW, it was a mistake for me to steal photos from the web. I will see what can be done with my own computer-camera setup, and hereby renounce my evil scamming ways. Profuse apologies to all concerned and affected.
And sorry I couldn't get out to Knit Nite yesterday. I'm sure I missed out on a wonderful time with the gals!

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wells201 said...

Did both sleeves fit when you sewed them in? Did the side seams match when you sewed them together? That might help identify where the difference is.