Saturday, June 14, 2008


This is my 101st post...and I would like to celebrate and mark the 100th post by holding a contest of sorts, with a prize. The prize will be a gift-package to be determined. You must comment in order to be considered as winner and recipient of the prize. What I am looking for is the most useful suggestion for solving my problem of not having the internet hooked up in my apartment. Here is my problem/situation: I have my landline/home telephone with Rogers, and tried to have my internet hooked up, also with Rogers. It didn't work because the Rogers guy who came to my apartment told me he had to drill a hole through the outside wall in order to pass the wire through, for which he needs a letter of permission from my landlord, which my landlord refused to give me. It would be easiest for me to get my internet through Rogers, but I don't want cable tv, which seems to be part of all the packages they offer (cable-internet-phone). Furthermore, the guy who lived in my apartment before me had his internet through Rogers, so there must be a cable already they can use, but the Rogers guy said it wasn't the right gauge, which makes no sense at all, since the last tenant definitely had the internet hooked up (why would they require a different gauge now?). I realize this is a boring contest, but I really need your help about this, and if you help me with my problem, I'll be able to post more often and be one step closer to solving my other problem, that of how to use my own pictures on my blog. Feel free to enlist your significant others' knowledge of all things technical/technological, (not to imply that women know nothing about these things), should you be so blessed. Thank you!

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