Friday, January 04, 2008


The line-up for buying bus passes today was horrendously long. I had some knitting with me: my Mom--in the photo above--gave me a skein of Lion Brand yarn for Christmas to make a scarf. Even yarn snobs need a fun novelty yarn once in a while. There I was, trying to bear the techno trance music pumping from the smoke shop, knitting. I had to endure two line-ups today; both were so long it took all day and all my energy. The first line-up was for student loans. Need I say more?
My downstairs neighbour has been so generous as to allow me to make use of his wireless internet connection. In return, I gave him a bottle of wine for Christmas and one of my lino-cut cards. He has been decidedly quieter and more generous with the hot water since he found hs gift bag in front of his door, to my advantage.
Remember Chaussette? Well, Chaussette didn't go over too well with the kids. I introduced Chaussette to one child, and he didn't really get it. Chaussette has been languishing in my pocket in the office at work. On the wall behind the door, all the instructors have a little pocket on the wall for keeping things in at work.

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Anonymous said...

Pauvre petite Chaussette!
Missed you at knitnite tonight...
~ betseydoodle