Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here's to you...

For the sake of being organized, here is a little update of sorts in no particular order: 1. Hmm...have camera (which I got for Christmas), no administrative rights on my computer because my uncle gave me my laptop and we didn't switch administrators so I can't install the camera software nor download photos. As soon as the University reopens I'll see if the IT guy at the library will help. I can't even change the time on my computer because I don't have admin rights. 2. Progress notes on my first (official) sock: I turned the heel (!) while doing laundry at the laundromat up the street yesterday. BTW, it was my first time at that particular laundromat and I have decided it's the perfect one for fulling. Huge side loaders. Hopefully when I go I won't have to try to explain what I'm doing to the family who owns it (it's a laundromat/dry cleaning place where you can drop off your soiled linens to be washed, dried, and folded, or you can do it yourself). I wonder if they'll object because the wool can clog the machine, so I've heard. I can always put the items in a fabric bag. 3. On the horizon: the Velvet-Trimmed Raglan Pullover from Alterknits (Leigh Radford). The main problem I've had with the two sweaters I've made for myself was the seaming. I. Hate. Seams. This pullover is knit in the round. I'll keep you posted. 4. Stash Enhancement: The Fleece Artist order arrived at Paula's just before Christmas. I had ordered some batting for felting, and did I get some (slightly more than I expected, and so was pleasantly surprised)! Photo to come of the loot. 5. Knitting Library Addition: Folk Style by Mags Kandis, Interweave Press. There are at least seven things I want to make out of this book, some for myself, some I think have selling potential. The Bunad Mukluks pattern sold me because one of my coworkers has already requested slippers from me once she saw me knitting at work. I hope you had a good Christmas and here's to a wonderful New Year *clicks metal knitting needles together*!

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