Sunday, November 25, 2007

Drippy trees and eaves

It's mild today. Wednesday has ventured out to play in the snow and explore winter. Here she is asking to be let out.
I have a heap of reading to do:
three articles: "Les besoins ignorés des femmes africaines dans la lutte contre le SIDA", "Féminismes, politique et nationalisme dans le monde arabe" et "Femmes de Palestine: quel féminisme?";
Gender and Sex Differences in Child Development;
and, at the other extreme of the lifespan:
Socially Sanctioned Death: The Holocaust, and Coping with Dying: How Individuals Can Help.
Ideally I would like to be knitting while I read these, but I'm not allowed to start any new projects (including the pink beret and my sock) until I finish the ones I've started (I'm sure you've heard that refrain before, or said it yourself), most particularly my drop-stitch cardigan and Blissful jacket. I have no easy garter-or stocking-stitch project on the go; the two sweaters require unpicking seams and reseaming, or fiddling and a lot of thinking in the case of the cardigan; both projects sort of require my full attention. The lace-up opera gloves were mostly to take the edge off the sweaters. Hmm...maybe I should knit the beret in that same vein...

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Leanne said...

Hmmm I tried leaving a comment here yesterday, but it wouldn't save it. Trying again.

Mindless knitting so doesn't count as "another project". When I swear not to cast on anything new, to me that means not to cast on anything requiring the same knitting environment as my current projects. It's fair game to cast on something that meets different conditions. You need some mindless knitting. Go for it!