Saturday, April 07, 2007

A post! Due to some, ahem, "feedback" I got at last night's Knit Night, that I never post, I decided to write a little something today. Pictures soon. Life has pretty much been nothing but *school, school, feed cat, school, feed self, school*, repeat from * to * indefinitely. Laundry optional. Midterms, more midterms, essays, finals, break, summer school, break, school, for the next three years. But I did get out last night, to go knitting in public with, I don't even know what our group's name is anymore, I don't think it's the Ottawa Stitch 'n Bitch anymore, I think it may be Ottawa Knitting. It's Easter, I had to buy chocolate and give myself a stomach ache eating too much chocolate this morning (worth it). More knitting news when I get the pics (hint, hint, Leanne). Planning on doing some gardening this summer, since I dug up part of the front yard to turn over the dirt in the fall and disturbed the hyacinth and tulip bulbs that were there. Feel a bit guilty about that (some tulips are coming up now anyways), so I want to plant a fabulous garden to make amends to my landlord. I also took out one big weed/small tree that was shading the flowers and sucking up the water, and am trying to get a second one out, but the ground is still frozen, because it is still SNOWING. Easter+snowstorm=don't like. All this to say I made a big order at (blew my budget) for some seeds, one plant, a Herbal Cat Care book, and a natural bug repellant, to use during my many hikes this summer (hopefully). Ok, I'll try to post more often, now that I know that some people actually read my blog.


Heather said...

Good to see you post again :)

It seems to be going by Ottawa Knitting or the KnitNite. SnB is good for getting the attention of newbies, but overall doesn't really suit our group.

Anonymous said...

Well I got here via Leanne's (?) blog. I'll read up more of yours soon. I don't blog but I do knit. Maybe I'll meet you somewhere, someday.

Knittyknatty said...

Hi Gillian! Feel free to post more comments anytime. Hope to meet you in person in the near future.

Knittyknatty said...

Hi Heather,
I didn't really feel like it was worth posting, without having pics to make it a little more colourful.